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Vote for Relationships Scotland

The charity I’ve recently started working for, Relationships Scotland, has been short-listed in an exciting competition to win a complete overhaul of our website. unXPOSEd (half digital agency/half social mission) will provide £4000 worth of development time to the winner.


We’re the only Scottish charity in the final and you can vote for us by following the link below (it literally takes two seconds to vote):

Why the heck should I give up 2 seconds of my time you’re possibly asking yourself. Well here’s a little bit about what Relationships Scotland do and why your vote is so important:

Our vision is to make counselling, mediation and family support for Scotland’s people a right not a privilege.

Working in partnership with our network of local services across the country we help make sure Scotland’s children have the best start in life by providing high quality family support which is accessible to all.

When couples ask for the help of a Relationships Scotland counsellor they’re able to make more sense of their problems.  Where relationships do break down, our family mediation services help make sure children are spared unnecessary exposure to their parents’ conflict.  Our network of child contact centres enable both parents to continue to be truly involved in the lives of their children.

A new website would help us truly engage with children and parents, providing a valuable online family support resource and strengthening our role as the leading voice for families in Scotland.


Hopefully that gives you a better idea about why we’d like you to vote for us. There’s a few ways you can support us in this competition:

  1. Vote. Kind of obvious but unless you actually follow the link and vote we’re never going to win. No pressure!
  2. Tweet. Copy n paste this line and tweet away – Vote for @RelScot and help support Scottish families:
  3. Facebook. Tell your Facebook friends about the competition, cut n paste the line below, or hit the Facebook Like button at the bottom of this post – Vote for Relaionship Scotland and help support Scottish families:
  4. Email all your friends, colleagues and contacts. To make things easy you can copy n paste the info below – The charity Relationships Scotland have the chance to win a new website, your vote can help them support even more Scottish families:
  5. Blog. If you have a blog please write a quick post about the vote. Heck, why not cut n paste this whole page to makes things easy.
  6. Harass people in the street. OK this is possibly taking things a little far but the more people you tell the more chance we have of winning!


Wish us luck and if you have an idea about how we can encourage people to vote please leave a comment below or get in touch on twitter – @RelScot

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  1. Well and truly voted for you Ross, looks like there’s some stiff competition in the… competition. Will spread the word though and get some attention to your quest, Relationships Scotland is a worthy cause.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to vote and promote our cause, I really appreciate.As you say, we’re facing stiff competition but if everyone following me on Twitter takes just two seconds to vote then we can reach first place again.

  3. It doesn’t take a moment to vote, in fact I’ll put this on my personal accounts too as it doesn’t take a second. Has this been posted on the Third Sector forums? I’m sure everyone will rally round.