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I recently discovered the joy of Spotify collaborative playlists. As the name suggests the new(ish) feature allows you to create a Spotify playlist with your friends. It quickly occurred to me that it would be great to start a collaborative playlist specifically for people on twitter. So that’s what I did.

Imaginatively titled #thebigspotifytwitterplaylist I’m hoping it will become an eclectic smorgasbord of aural delights. I’ve started proceedings with Bjork – ‘There’s more to life than this’.


Follow these instructions to add to #thebigspotifytwitterplaylist:

  1. Sign in to Spotify.
  2. Click on this link to open the playlist –
  3. Add your chosen track to the bottom of the playlist.
  4. Tweet about it using the hashtag #thebigspotifytwitterplaylist – If you’re lazy simply cut n past this in to twitter:


    What are the rules I hear you say? Well yes there’s a few but they should be pretty obvious:

    1. One track per person.
    2. Only add your track to the bottom of the playlist.
    3. Don’t delete someone else’s track. That’s nasty.
    4. The tracks should flow naturally, think of it as a huge eclectic DJ set. 
    5. All genres are welcome. But should you choose to add Coldplay, Snowpatrol or U2 I will delete your track.


    I’m aware that I’m probably not the first person to come up with this idea. I couldn’t be arsed checking if someone has already done a spotify collaborative playlist across twitter. If someone has beaten me to it please feel free to point out my lack of originality in the comments section below.

    Apparently a Spotify playlist can hold 10,000 tracks.

    Who knows if #thebigspotifytwitterplaylist will get that big?

    UPDATE: Since there’s no way of identifying who added what on Spotify please add a comment below to let everyone know what track you added or why not tweet it. Remember to use the hashtag #thebigspotifytwitterplaylist.

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    1. 22 tracks already and not a sign of any Coldplay.

    2. Horror of horrors I’ve lost my Spotify password, so I’ll mess about with it later tonight and retrieve it but just to let you know: I want to add Talking Heads ‘Once in a lifetime’ if no one has already. My absolute favourite tune.

    3. Rob: That’s an awesome tune!Jahnzilla: No limit as such but I reckon if people add a 35-min epic I’ll have to remove it! 8-mins or so is probably a sensible guide for track time limit.I’ve not actually thought about when to end the playlist, if at all. Should it just go on and on or should I stop it at a few hours?

    4. In keeping with the flow the playlist, my track is by the Postal Service and follows the Yeasayer