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Tell me what you would do with and it’s yours

I bought the domain name a while back with the intention of doing something clever with it…thing is I never did. I’m not entirely sure what made me register the name, I guess it’s kind of a cross between ‘versus’ and ‘twitter’. Your guess is as good as mine.

Anyhoo…the domain expires May 2011 and I’ve got no plans for it. So tell me what you’d use for and it’s yours. You don’t have to be a charity but it would be nice if your idea had some social good. I’ll also chuck in and the @Twersus twitter account as well.

Leave your comments below or tweet me using the hashtag #twersus. I’ll pick a winner by Fri 10th Dec 12pm GMT.

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  1. You could do some kind of celebrity Death Match style website with a running commentary of all the ‘celebrity’ Twitter fights starting with Alan Sugar and Kirstie Allsopp….maybe some Jordan and Peter thrown in there too. Users could vote on who comes over as less of an idiot in each round and that would culminate in one very public Twitter argument between the final two. Might take a bit of planning but it doesn’t seem to take much for them all to kick off so a few carefully placed Tweets might do it* ;-)Just an idea.*Just for the record, I am kidding.

  2. Love it! Could this be @Polrweb’s next project? 🙂

  3. Found this via @AdoptResources. I think it sounded like a collaborative songwriting app. Perhaps you could enter your musical / life preferences and it would identify a relevant Tweeter to collaborate with – to write a song. Songs would be developed and shared via Twitter, the most popular produced into singles and the sales to charity.Anyway, I’m sure more original suggestions will follow, but think this is a great way to invite imagination. It’s made me think twice about what I do with those domain names which have somehow lost their sex appeal over the years. Thank-you. 🙂

  4. Good idea Rachel…something you’d be interested in developing?

  5. Yes, why not. 😉 Becoming used to taking on challenges via social networking/media (last week @documentally, this week Twersus). Bring it on. I’m not a developer, but following some underground GirlGeek meetings, we’re contemplating Rails for Zombies amongst other things. 😉

  6. Mini Twitter-Polls. 2 choices only, people could vote using a special hashtag. For example say it was "Good vs Evil" to vote for good you’d include the hashtag #Good++ in your tweet. Social enterprise part? You could donate any revenue (or only ad revenue?) each month to charity using the voting mechanism. Pick 2 charities, let users decide which one gets the cash by voting as they would in any other Poll. Revenue could be based on a similar model as (Free = ad supported, Paid = more features, no ads)The studio is booked solid till the new year, but might be able to run a hack-a-day to build it in the new year…

  7. I like it Aaron, reminds me of eBay Matchups…could be pretty damn addictive!Keep the ideas coming folks…I’ll pick a winner on 10th Dec 12pm GMT.