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Lazy blogging begins

letter R O letter S letter S                                                       M letter C nantuCket scrabble letter U L letter L O C letter H

Twitter can sometimes be a little transient and my blog has been neglected of late so I thought I’d give Posterous a bash. Given that I can blog via email I’m far more likely to use this. It was also a good excuse to buy my name as a domain.

I’ll still be blogging about my work and other non-profit goodness over at Third Sector Lab and my Sunday Mail blog. Once I get my finger out you’ll also find me over at Third Sector Blog, along with some other people who are much better than me at this blogging lark. 

This site is for interesting finds. There won’t be anything too mentally challenging, you wouldn’t expect anything less would you?

PS: You can make your own Flickr-powered words here. I spotted this on Rachel Beer’s Posterous.



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  1. Nice to see you here mate! Posterous is pretty cool!

  2. I’m looking forward to having a home for all the stuff which doesn’t naturally fit on my blog. I think its going to be a great place for to live as well.

  3. Deffo! Its like an inbetween blogging and twitter, the posterous share now toolbar is cool too – for quick sharing. Look forward to more posts!