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iPad. Aye right.

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Is it just me or does the iPad with optional keyboard look an awful lot like on of those dusty old netbook things that Steve Jobs hates?

You can carry around a netbook quite easily, try carrying around an optional keyboard with your iSlate iNetbook iPad. Yes I know the iPad has a keyboard on its shiny little screen but ergonomically that thing is going to be nasty to use. If you want to type more than a sentence you’re going to have to place it on your lap, you’re then going to have to both type and look at the screen from a rather awkward downwards position. When you browse the net you don’t simply stare at pages, you also do a heck of a lot of typing.

Oh and you can’t multitask on an iPad. Want to listen to some music on Spotify while you tweet? Tough.

You’ve got probably got tons of USB peripherals you’ll be wanting to use on your iPad. Well you can’t; it doesn’t have a USB port.

There’s a list of other issues with the iPad over on Gizmodo.

I get that it’s not designed to be a netbook. It’s some kind of Blair-ite ‘third way’ wonder machine. As far as I can see it doesn’t really do anything very well.

I will be wrong though and Apple will go on to sell hundreds of millions of units.

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  1. I don’t think we’ve seen the full potential of the iPad yet, I guess that’s coming when they announce iPhone OS 4 which is usually in early March. I wouldn’t be surprised to see multitasking introduced then.I’m getting one. I’m just soooo ‘Think Different’…

  2. Sorry Ross, I’m not really one to add any value to this – I use a crappy old Toshiba laptop that I bought with *spits* Vista installed which gives me no end of problems 🙁 I use a battered old Sony Ericsson for tweeting-on-the-go and texts (nice camera on it but slow reaction) so I’m very third sector / second hand! To me it looks like a nice shiny new thing that lots of people will buy, tweet about incessantly – and then another new shiny thing that isn’t the size of the freaking ‘This is Your Life’ tome will come out, and the kids of the future will talk about the i-tat on ‘So that was 2010’ on a BBC iwatchtelly device.*but I still want one*

  3. Like you Rob I also rock a Toshiba laptop with XP and an MSI Wind-cloned Medion Akoya Mini. So perhaps I’m also not qualified to debate on the latest shiny shiny toys.I love the concept of the iPad but when you look at what it can currently do $499 isn’t really a bargain.

  4. Gonna be great to see the ifans wuth these things in Starbucks everywhere! I’ll stick with my tree pulp based news readers

  5. iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad.. iBored.I really don’t see what the iPad is apart from a nice looking, lowish price tablet computer? It’s more likely to break into the ‘lower end user’ market because it’s Apple and has an "i" in-front, sure, but I really don’t see this as something to make a fuss over? It looks as though it’s going to be a lot bulkier than Kindle, too, so purely from the eBook point of view it’s not a killer device for me. And yes, I know it can do lots else – but thats not the point. There seems to be no "killer" function..?

  6. I’m an iphone-a-holic, I love my iphone but I have to say that I’m not that excited by the thought of the iPad. For total mobile browsing in a pocket size package the iphone is great, for a slightly more upscale, but still mobile browsing experience I’ll stick to my netbook with the handy attached keyboard and 250Gb storage, and as for the ipad ireader idea – you know what? I’d rather read a book that’s made of paper or a magazine that I can fold up and stuff in my bag, or a newspaper that I can smell the ink off! All that said – if Apple were to send me a shiny new ipad for free today I’m sure I’d love it and play with it just as much as I do my iphone, just not to the exclusion of the other gadgets because after all it is a lovely shiny new toy!

  7. More importantly, you’d think with all that money Steve Jobs would be able to afford a belt.

  8. I heard the iBelt won’t have buckle-functionality until iBelt OS 2 is released in 2011; Steve’s trousers will need to remain patient.