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Image of the day – Jets in Tate Britain

Duveens Commission : Duveens Commission


I’ve decided to start using my Posterous as a repository for exciting images I stumble upon online. I’ve rather imaginatively called this my ‘Image of the day’.

The first ever image of the day is Fiona Banner’s new work – a Harrier Sea Jet and a Jaguar installed in Tate Britain. Hanging like a strung up bird, the jump jet is as terrifying as it is beautiful. I’d love to know what people think of the first image of the day and, indeed, Banner’s new work. Comments below.

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  1. Love the picture, and great idea – get some more breathtaking imagery up!

  2. Cool picture mate! I’d love to check out that exhibition as had a bit of a fixation with all things jetty when I were a kid.

  3. Personally, Kelvingrove is more impressive. Perhaps it is the strange mish-mash of spitfire, giraffe, crab, stuffed butterflies, ostrich and horse skeleton in one image that fires up my imagination more than this image.Now lets say we put a penguin in the seat of the plane in the image and attach some balloons to the tips of the wings… there’s an image I’d be all O_O at.

  4. It’s good to see that my blog has a high-brow art-lover readership. Peter: I particularly love the adjective ‘jetty’.Emma Jayne: Salient points about Banner’s failure to include both a penguin and balloons in the piece.

  5. I prefer the Tate to Kelvingrove any day. Every time I’ve been to Kelvingrove there are completely disinterested kids running around being a nuisance. Fair play, kids should grow up being taken to such places, to experience great art, a bit of culture and some interactive exhibits – but sometimes kids just want to run around a playpark. Parents should make the distinction on whether their kids just wanna burn some energy or actually be enjoy an exhibit targeted at them. Don’t just drag them along on a Sunday cause Kelvinbridge is free! Rant over, point is I never saw wild children being left to their own devices at Tate.

  6. Having only been to the tate once and being a born and bred Glasgow girl who has lost count of the hours spent in kelvingrove My next chunk of text will be incredibly biased.The tate is art. This is fact. Art in the sense that it needs thought and appreciation and hours has been spent crafting it’s spaces and halls. It is quiet and people quietly do not disturb the art around them. They observe the art from afar and leave much the same way they walked in.Kelvingrove is art. This is fact. Art in the sense that it needs thought and appreciation and hours have been spent crafting it’s spaces and halls. It is loud and busy and the people engage and point and look and talk and do things. They go up close to get a good look and learn more and become part of the art for others watching. They leave much the same way they walked in.I like the busy nature of the Kelvingrove. it is not your average art gallery but it is still art in itself. i can’t think of a better place for children to be than around things of value and knowledge. Kids will be kids and play hide and seek and tag and generally get in the way but to advocate parents take their kids elsewhere…. when I have children, I will take them to kelvingrove to point at things and enjoy big things and small things and soft things and hard things. They will learn things and read things and make opinions about things and at the end of it all will still ask me for an icecream.Kelvingrove never ages. When I was younger it was a huge place of STUFF where you can see the mummy! When I was a teenager it was a place I went on hungover Sundays with friends because we were skint and we took pictures on our point and shoots. Now I am progressing again it is a place I go to read in more detail, perhaps missing out some bits to spend more time figure out other bits. I care more.The noise doesn’t bother me. I like the idea other people are learning bits. I like the idea I am around people who have also decided the museum is a cracking place to hang out.The tate doesn’t have this feeling. I prefer Kelvingrove.I want more penguins.

  7. I do agree with most of what you’ve said and I enjoyed kelvingrove as a child but I usually cant see past the kids who are running wild and not the fair share who enjoy the fun stuff. I don’t believe galleries should be silent, I just think if your kid wants to run around then perhaps they should take them across the road to the kick ass play ground in the park. Last time I was at Kelvinbridge I observed two kids getting a bollocking from the steward person, because their parents were oblivious to the fact they were running under security barriers and annoying an elderly couple who were sat watching a nice dutch impressionist piece.

  8. Anyway’s, I love penguins as much as or even more so than the next person.

  9. Couldn’t agree more with PJ’s comments. Was recently persuaded to take a trip to the zoo (with a child) and whilst there was some interest in the ‘more entertaining’ animals on display (from the 8yo’s and below), they took far more enjoyment from the climbing frame / chute combo near the exit. I’m not against forcing some ‘culture / learning’ onto kids for their own development but if that’s the aim of the exercise then parents should actually take the time to talk to their children about the exhibits rather than it being a convenient (and free) way to tire them out. PS. LOVE the image

  10. I’m torn between the two points being made here.On the one hand I agree with Emma Jayne that children should be free to explore and through that they’ll engage with the exhibits in their own way.On the other hand I agree with Pyllon and Peter that some parents do use Kelvingrove as a free, dry, indoor playpark. All be it one with some very rare and valuable ‘climbing frames’.Hmmmm.

  11. I’m baffled! Perhaps I am just so nonsense I cannot fathom what Kelvingrove would be like childless. There are galleries I have been to where I was the only person in them. They were beautiful for that, quiet, spacious, the only life being me who had the power to change my own space. I guess that would be removed from me if some louder and far more demanding child was to enter my realm. However in terms of art galleries such as Kelvingrove I refuse to accept that the children are wasting it for others. Everyone who has commented here is well aware- yes, there are children who visit Kelvingrove. You have prior warning. The elderly couple reffered to by Pyllon were more than warned about the children. Can you really be shocked that some kid has decided the mummy casket would be an excellent place to survey the world from? I’m 20 and still try to open it! These are things kids do. I’m baffled as to why people say "the kids did this and this, it was outrageous"… wait, we are shocked by this? Kids decided to run out and climb on stuff? Srs?I go back to my arty farty comment about "they are MAKING THE ART". I don’t blame the parent for letting the kid roam free. I LIKE the idea of it. Some 6 year old with a grasp of words and fun and learning wandering in an unfamiliar environment looking at things they have never seen before and, yeah they might get a bit boisterous and loud, but still. I envy the kid. Museums are awesome but when you are a kid then it goes up to hyper sonic mental awesome. Sunday afternoons are places when kids and parents go out so that the kid has something to write about when they go to school on Monday and write their "news". If you want less kids then go out during the week. The kids are the things that help make the place special. I think that the very presence of something that makes noise and annoyance changes the atmosphere. Like I semi-mentioned with my "bring a kid into my space point", the Kelvingrove is laid back. It has the feeling that art is casual and can be enjoyed by all. The tate has the opposite. It feels elitist and strange. You cannot be yourself around the art, the art demands attention and manners. You need to have some sort of hush around it. Sigh. I just don’t think there is a contest. I mean, as K9_Kirsty points out, we gots stormtroopers visiting.ON TOPIC-However, I think all are agreed… Moar penguins. That is all.