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I’m now Head of Communications at Relationships Scotland

Well the post title says it all really. I now have the pleasure of working with national counselling, mediation and family support charity Relationships Scotland as their Head of Communications – two days per week.  I’m incredibly excited about this new position and look forward to getting started later this month.

I’ll be splitting my week between the Head of Comms role and my position as Director of Third Sector Lab. Things have grown considerably at Third Sector Lab – we now have a much bigger team providing social media training & strategy development, social media support for events and website design. We’ve also got a much-needed new website for the Lab in the pipeline. Here’s just a few of the organisations we feel privileged to call recent clients:

  • SCVO
  • Relate
  • Oxfam Scotland
  • Lifelink
  • Dunfermline Advocacy
  • SCLD
  • Inspiring Scotland
  • GCVS
  • The Conservation Volunteers
  • Voluntary Action Fund

As well as being an incredibly exciting role, the Head of Comms position with Relationships Scotland is really important from a business point of view. It keeps me grounded in the reality of the challenges Scottish charities face. Not every organisation has a whacking great comms budget and most certainly don’t have the privilege of a full-time comms team – that’s something we always bear in mind at Third Sector Lab.

I’m looking forward to connecting with lots of you in my new role at Relationships Scotland while continuing to develop the digital media work we do at Third Sector Lab.

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  1. An exciting new chapter Ross, great news. I’m sure Relationship Scotland and the many who they support and work with will benefit greatly from your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm.

    1. Thanks Kenny. Really excited about the new role. Amazing how many people think I’m no longer running Third Sector Lab though! Just to be 100% clear we’re still delivering training, providing social media support for events and website design.

  2. It’s sad to say but we have ‘no’ comms budget at all. It’s just not something that you can get funding for. Or if you can, we don’t know about it? Any ideas.

    1. The more you can integrate comms/digital in to project budgets the better. Getting funding for pure comms roles is tricky, almost impossible. The new Digital Strategy for Scotland should help push things in the right direction though.

      1. Thanks, yes, that’s what I wondered.