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Full steam ahead


I very rarely update my blog with my personal goings on, largely because I don’t want to bore people, but there’s been a few changes to my career recently which I’m excited about so bear with me.

I’ve dramatically reduced my hours as Development Manager with Family Support Partnership Lanarkshire and I’ll be using my newly found spare time to concentrate on two things. First of all I’ll be spending more time strengthening Third Sector Lab; helping more charities, social enterprises and ethical businesses truly engage with their supporters and customers online. My site needs a dramatic overhaul, I haven’t even had the time to add a portfolio! Secondly I’ll be working one day a week in a new role as Digital Media Manager for Relationships Scotland – the organisation formed in the merger between Relate Scotland and Family Mediation Scotland.

Relationships Scotland, like many charities, have yet to foray in to the world of social media but they have a strong belief that they can engage more meaningfully with Scottish families, other non-profits and political decision makers if they fully embrace digital media. As I mentioned, I’ll be working one day a week which means my role is more about guiding and enabling existing staff than necessarily getting involved in the hands-on stuff. I’ve put together the first draft of our social media strategy and, I hope, you’ll see some exciting stuff coming out of Relationship Scotland in the next few months.

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