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Facebook timeline for pages means the death of ‘Like to Unlock’ – good riddance

Good Luck!

Those of you using the new Facebook timeline for pages will notice that you can no longer set a custom application as the default landing tab non-fans see. So no more welcome landing pages badgering people to ‘like to unlock’ content. While the aggressive social media marketeers out there may weep it is a victory for user experience and it should mean that truly engaging, interesting content floats to the surface.

According to TechCrunch default landing tabs only drive 10% of the total page app traffic. 90% comes from published links and ads, which still function the same without the default landing tab capability. Theoretically therefore it could only cause a maximum of a 10% drop in page app traffic, much of the way pages use apps will stay the same.

So is the death of the Facebook page default landing tab a good thing for users?

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  1. Good shout Ross – only ever used them a few times and never been a massive fan

  2. Good show! Seeing some really nice brand pages coming to life now. Plus there’s some super interesting things you can do with a timeline which I’m excited to see develop.

  3. I have a feeling we’ll see more genuine creativity rather than brands simply trying to extort likes out of people.

  4. Good riddance – if I am interested in a brand/ organisation on Facebook I’ll ‘like’ the page whether they ask me to or not – if I simply want to view content, I always bypass the landing page to find what I want. Glad they will be gone.