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Become a #socialmediasanta and give a homeless child a Christmas to remember

12th Dec is the final submission date for gifts.

For the last three years the good people of Twitter have come together to give homeless children across Scotland a Christmas to remember. Shelter Scotland have hundreds of boys and girls – aged from 6 months to 16 years – at their families projects who might not get a present this year. There’s over 4000 kids homeless in Scotland right now.

Us Twitter users can make a real difference to these children, so why not join us as a #SocialMediaSanta. Here’s how:

– Check out this year’s best books for kids, top toys and great games. Lots of which are under a tenner.

– Select an online retailer or support a local toy shop and pick a gift.

– If buying online: Add to Basket, use Shelter’s address at checkout (below) and add a wee message using the ‘gift’ option if available. Shelter Scotland would like to thank you personally for your gift.

– If buying in a local toy shop: Send to Shelter Scotland (address below) or drop it off at their office. Include ‘#socialmediasanta’ and your contact details on the outside of the parcel if possible. Shelter Scotland would like to thank you personally for your gift.

– Voila. You’ve made a kid who might not have otherwise got a present very happy this year.

Here’s the full address for Shelter Scotland, they’ll be distributing presents to the families projects in Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, Dumfries and Dundee:

Social Media Santa, Shelter Scotland, Scotiabank, 6 South Charlotte street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AW

I’m not sending out cheesy corporate gifts this year, instead I’ll be sending a present on behalf of each of my clients. Lets make it a really special Christmas. Help spread the word by sharing this blog post and using the #SocialMediaSanta hashtag across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Why not take a photo of the gift you bought and use the hashtag!

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  1. Shared with the Yelp Glasgow folks again. Remind me, should we wrap the gifts or not? I seem to remember not.

    1. Hi Sara – the gifts should be left unwrapped, so that we know what they are and can ensure they go to the most appropriate child!

      We’ll be wrapping them before the gift is given.

      Many thanks!

  2. Hi Ross, is there an age limit for the gifts – 16 or 18? I know sometimes that older kids can get forgotten as younger ones are easier to buy for.

    1. Hi Caroline!

      Sorry for the delay – 16 is the eldest child, and we do have a lot of teenagers.

      So gifts can be for any age from 0 to 16 years.

      Many thanks!

    1. Good idea Craig. Shelter Scotland may need to be careful they’re not seen to be promoting one retailer though.

  3. Huge thanks to Nationwide for collecting toys in all their Scottish branches.

    Thanks also to Yard Digital for buying #socialmediasanta presents instead of secret santa this year.

    At Third Sector Lab we’re ditching corporate Christmas gifts and we’re buying a #socialmediasanta present on behalf of each of our clients instead.

    What could your business do to help?

  4. is the social media santa campaign happening again this year?

    1. Yup. Check the hashtag on Twitter for full info. Thanks for taking part.

  5. Hi, will this be happening this year? Would love to donate again.

  6. Hopefully! Will keep everyone posted.