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5 Non-Profit iPhone Apps You Should Know About

A great post from Frank Barry on Mashable. The apps he mentions are all from US orgs. Anyone got a UK or international mobile app they’d like to share?

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  1. I know of a couple of apps I’ve seen recently. Firstly a UK app which you may have heard of as it was in the news is iHobo – I was also looking recently at this app which is US based and interestingly links into their website as much as it is a stand alone app – (as I’m working with our Scottish Epilepsy Centre to develop something.)

  2. iHobo is a brilliant example Marc. I’m still undecided on the name but it really hammers home the point.That epilepsy diary is brilliant, so simple yet so effective.It could be applied to so many fields. I didn’t know Quarriers provided epilepsy advice/support?