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10 UK social media stats you NEED to know [video]


Gathered from ONS, Department for Culture, Media & Sport and Ofcom data, my short video rounds up the latest stats from 2016 that every marketer should know:

  • 82% of British adults use the internet daily.
  • Facebook has 38.9 million UK users.
  • 64% of British adults use social media.
  • Instagram has the youngest users.
  • LinkedIn has the oldest users.
  • 71% of British adults have a smartphone.
  • The most common use of social media is to find out what’s happening locally.
  • 99% of 16-24 year olds in the UK use social media weekly.
  • LinkedIn has more male users (62%). Instagram has more female users (56%).
  • 37% of people who use social media do so several times a day.
  • Twitter has 20.9 million UK users. The majority of whom are 25-44 years old.
  • Messaging apps are on the rise. There’s now 16.7 million UK WhatsApp users.

Any surprises in there?