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10 must-read Facebook resources for non-profits

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Facebook has a hideous UI and they change the site more than I change my underwear. Like it or loathe if you’re looking to engage with your users or donors your charity needs to pay attention to Facebook.

In no particular order, here’s ten must-read Facebook resources for non-profits:

1. How non-profits can use social media – Facebook edition

If the concept of using Facebook for your non-profit is totally new to you then Jeff Bullas’s blog is the best place to start. His guide to Facebook takes you right through from the sign-up process to tips on designing an engaging fan page.

2. Facebook for non-profits (slideshare)

If you prefer browsing through slides to reading a lengthy article then David Griner’s Facebook for Non-Profits Slideshare is for you. He gives an excellent overview of how nonprofits can leverage the popularity and resources of Facebook.

3. Groups v Pages

The age old question. Tim Davies looks at when you should choose one over the other.

4. How to do good on Facebook

Mashable’s guide is aimed at donors as opposed to organisations. Some of the examples given should hopefully help you think about more imaginative ways you can engage with potential donors on Facebook.

5. How to add a Paypal donation button to your Facebook page

John Carnell’s how-to guide is a must-read if you’re interested in taking donations via your Facebook page.

6. Five most common mistakes made by non-profit admins on Facebook

You’ve had the how-to, here’s the how-not. Worth a read if you want to avoid making some common mistakes on Facebook.

7. Four great examples of non-profit Facebook pages

Another article from Mashable, these four pages highlight the best use of photos, tools, custom apps and sheer simplicity.

8. Top ten Facebook charity applications

Interesting Squidoo lens showcasing the top ten Facebook charity-specific apps.

9. Four Facebook tips for non-profit success

Frank Barry’s guest post on Beth Kanter’s blog is a short read but provides four key tips to being thoughtful, strategic and knowledgeable when using Facebook for your charity.

10. The ten best ways to use Facebook to fundraise

Once you’ve got a presence on Facebook you can start to help your donors understand how they can use their Facebook profile to help your cause. Have a peek at this top ten from Just Giving and share some of the ideas with your donors.


Did you find the list above useful? Do you know of another useful how-to guide or article on Facebook for non-profits?

Leave a comment below. Shamless plugs welcome.

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  1. Excellent list – thank you. Shame there’s no links, though – means I have to do the work myself!! 🙂

  2. If you click on the orange text in the post that will take you to each Facebook resource. Links open in a new tab/window so make sure your pop-up blocker is off.

  3. I just read No.6..most common mistakes and it mentioned FB page names…ie. not using one. We didn’t have one – we do now! Thanks, well worth reading just for that

  4. Thanks for sharing that Debbie. Great to see the list has had an impact on how your charity is using twitter.Hopefully some other readers will share practical examples of how the resources have changed the way they use Facebook.

  5. I would like to add one toolkit for Facebook PHP developers which makes development of Facebook applications and Facebook Connect websites much easier and faster.