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10 Facebook guides & blog posts every non-profit should read

My 10 must-read Facebook resources for non-profits was a pretty popular post but as it’s now a year old I’ve decided to search 10 fresh new links, well people do love a good list…



Five Nonprofits That Have Found Their Facebook Voice

If you are struggling with finding your Facebook voice, Like the five nonprofits listed above by Non-profit Tech 2.0 and learn from their example.


Five simple actions for hitting the ground running with Facebook Page

Facebook pages can be seen as a bit of minefield when you’re new to them. However, there are very simple things you can do to make it much easier for your charity or organisation when setting up a presence. Read @Keanearrow’s post to find out more.


What the Research Says About Increasing Facebook Engagement

Beth Kanter on the ball as usual. Great post based upon actual research findings.


Does a Facebook focus do us any favours?

Do we focus too much on Facebook? Tim Davies explores our obsession with the big blue social network.


Measuring the inside leg

Rob Dyson of Whizz-Kidz shares his thoughts on social media metrics.


The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing

Not strictly speaking a non-profit specific post but this is a useful collection of juicy links from Copyblogger which any charity thinking about their Facebook presence will find useful.


How to import email contacts into your nonprofit Facebook Page

The Facebook Non-profit Guy shares a top tip on making the most of your contact list.


Non-Profits on Facebook

This official page is a resource for non-profits and other organizations interested in social good. Some great case studies and best practice in there.


Using Facebook to fundraise

One for the fundraisers, this is a great post from JustGiving.


Be Good Be Social videos

Interesting #BeGoodBeSocial presentations and workshops from Rob McAllen, Marc Bowker, Sara Thomas and Rob Dyson exploring social media for social good. Topics include grassroots campaigns using Facebook, developing a social media fundraising strategy, using social media to engage staff and communicating in a Big Society.


Got any Facebook non-profit resources you’d like to share? Leave a comment or tweet me @thirdsectorlab

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  1. Really pleased to get a mention in here. What a fantastic compilation of good common sense advice and guidance for non-profits using Facebook. There’s always something to learn out there and I’m sure this will help the masses! Cheers Ross.

  2. Great stuff Ross. We’ve got a marketing/social intern starting soon. This is required reading. I hate to distance myself from our FB page but it needs to be done. In your homework for this post, did you come across anything about ‘supervising’ social media staff? Giving them the freedom they need to respond/engage while keeping a handle on it if need be? thx much!