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Third Sector Lab’s Social Media Strategist speaks to @RevolverPR

Take 5 with … Martin Keane

Take Five - Martin Keane Credit photo to Paul Jackson

Who am I?

I am Movement Builder with OneKind, a leading animal protection charity. It is my job to be first port of call for our supporters, ensuring that the organisation is moving forward for them and that they feel involved in our campaigns.

Digital media has helped us engage people on issues such as snaring and wild animal circuses, harnessing support from across the globe. The main part of my time is spent building a digital following for us, however, in recent weeks I have now started to look at ways we can mobilise supporters offline too.

What inspires me?

I am inspired by my wife and the impending arrival of our baby daughter in August, building this family together gives me heart in all I do. It makes me want to get up in the morning and be the very best that I can for them. Their presence in my life makes me recognise how important it is to have love and support. I feel I can literally do anything, because my wife and bump believe in me no matter what.

What could digital be used to address?

Digital can be harnessed to break down the gaps between various levels of society and make tangible social change. I was truly inspired to hear the story of Eric Sheptock in Washington D.C. recently. Eric is homeless, but utilises Facebook, Twitter and his blog to discuss the issues homeless people face and harnesses these digital channels to raise awareness.

Eric puts his points across on topical issues and his arguments are well informed, quashing any notions that his writing may not be worth checking out. Through his blog he has actually managed to give a voice to the homeless community of D.C. at large and bring issues to the attention of those who can make a difference. Eric aims to make basic housing a realised human right for all. I think this is the perfect example to hold up to people to illustrate just how important digital and social media can be, it can really drive social change and give a voice to those who have never had one before.

Who/What is the next big thing?

I could pick some faddy bit of tech here, but it is without doubt Be Good Be Social for me. Ross McCulloch has masterminded an event which doesn’t even feel like an event. It truly feels like some friends getting together and discussing how digital can take the third sector forward.

We will see the second Be Good Be Social on 7th April and I can truly say that it will become the highlight of the third sector digital calendar. The buzz around the event on Twitter has never died down, people are constantly engaging and sharing using the hashtag. The conversation has never stopped since the very first event in October.

There is lots more to come from Ross and Be Good Be Social. I can see a world of possibilities for ensuring that not only the Scottish third sector, but not for profits everywhere continue to reap the benefits of the knowledge being shared. Perhaps, some new digital ventures for the sector may emerge too.
I guess it really goes back to my belief that digital really can have positive ramifications for change in society.

Best advice I was ever given?

I was told to always be confident in myself by Meg Dunn (my marketing lecturer at university). If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you can’t very well expect others to have any in you.

In five years time….

I intend to be spending a great deal of time with my wife and daughter, hopefully enjoying life in a nice rural location. Maybe the Lake District? I think no matter what I am doing professionally, that will make sure that I am happier than I could ever imagine being.

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