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Help give a child a Xmas to remember


Shelter Scotland have 73 boys and girls – aged from 6 months to 16 years – at their South Lanarkshire services who might not get a present this year.

Does your house have any art supplies no longer being used? Or a Ben 10 action toy needing a new home? Or when Xmas shopping you could maybe pick up something extra to make a child’s Christmas one they’ll never forget.

Donations can be made to the families project at the Blantyre office – in person or via post (why not pay Amazon a wee visit).

I’ll be sending a toy to the Blantyre project this week, I’d urge everyone who follows me on twitter to do the same. Lets make it a really special Christmas.


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  1. Thanks for blogging about this Ross, we’re super grateful for all your support! I was meaning to buy a present and saw that you mentioned Amazon, which reminded me how easy you can drop ship to another address.Anyway, I couldn’t resist buying a space hopper, which to be honest, I secretly wanted for myself! I’m not sure you’re ever to old for one! So hopefully someone at the project will have a great time hopping and keeping fit at the same time.If anyone else is thinking of doing the same, why not have a look at the bestsellers at and buy something nostalgic, that you secretly want to play with yourself 🙂

  2. Isn’t a spacehopper just the best present ever!? Can everyone also remember that the project supports 16 – 21 year olds who are leaving/have left care and are very often alone and forgotten about in the Christmas run up. Although it’s been a lot of years since I bought a present for a teenager I’m about to try! At this time of year one more present makes little difference to the budget or size of your Christmas list but imagine the difference it makes to a kid or young adult who would otherwise have nothing to open. In fact, is there any other Christmas present you are buying this year that matters as much?

  3. I sent a Ben 10 comic maker kit. Combining the request for art materials and Ben 10 stuff!

  4. Just heard from Shelter Scotland that their Blantyre project received 30 parcels via Amazon! Thanks to everyone who read this post and made Christmas special for those kids.

  5. What an amazing idea. Love the Amazon thing.

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