Your charity’s videos are crap. Here’s how you can change that.

Still spending thousands of pounds creating project-focused videos for your charity that end up with 45 views on YouTube? Stop. Now.

If that’s your strategic approach to video it’s a waste of your time and money. It’s a waste of your viewers’ time. The best videos aren’t about projects per se; that’s only of interest to your staff or volunteers. In fact there’s every chance they don’t watch them either. The videos that will truly connect are the ones which people can relate to – you need to start getting better at storytelling. As Annie Escobar puts it: 

“It’s about the why, not the what. Showing, not telling. Feeling, not facts.”

 It’s worth remembering that just because you’re trying to tackle a serious issue your videos don’t always need to be sombre affairs. ‘Follow the Frog’ is a great example of humurous storytelling as a way of encouraging people to make positive change.


Think about the difference your non-profit makes. Those are the stories you want to be telling. Do everyone a favour and ditch the corporate, project-orientated, ‘how we do things’ videos and start really inspiring people.

JustTextGiving YouTube Video Competition

JustTextGiving has just been launched to all individual fundraisers – each person with a JustGiving fundraising page will now be able to create their own unique text codes, allowing them to share the text code and fundraise creatively on the go. To celebrate this JustTextGiving are launching a YouTube competion (full details below) with a top prize of £500 for charity – I’m chuffed to say I’ll be on the judging panel!



Want to win a £500 donation to your charity?

Think of a fun and inventive way of fundraising with your JustTextGiving code. Will you print it out on your running vest? Will you write it on your forehead for a week?! Just watch the JustTextGiving video, create a short video response, and get all your friends and family to view it! The video with the most views by 8th July will win £500 and more! Two runners-up will win £200. It could make a huge difference to your charity… and a bit of fun for you!


Watch the video and find out how to enter 



Winners & Prizes

 ·         1st place – highest number of views of video – £500 donation + featured on Just Giving blog, Facebook Page and Twitter.

·         2 runners up – decided by panel of judges – £200 donation each