Whizz-Kidz partner exclusively with JustGiving

Whizz-Kidz has appointed JustGiving as its preferred partner for online fundraising as the charity looks to use new technology to increase its income from digital sources in 2012.

Whizz-Kidz Director of Fundraising Graham Kelly:

“JustGiving has developed a range of exciting products which we believe will help maximise net income for Whizz Kidz. Having analysed our data, we decided that, despite JustGiving’s fees remaining at their current level, we should promote the service to our supporters as our preferred supplier to deliver greater returns.”

Tools now available to Whizz-Kidz include the UK’s only free mobile giving service, JustTextGiving by Vodafone, and instant JustGiving page creation for entrants to the Neon Night Walk event using the JustGiving API. Fundraisers will have access to JustGiving’s range of iPhone and Android applications, and advanced integration with social media platforms to boost their fundraising efforts.

It will be interesting to see if more fundraising platforms start to build closer relationships will larger charities, offering products specific to individual clients.

Social Media Week Glasgow Explained #SMWgla #SMW2011

For the lazy amongst you who haven’t been following the Social Media Week Glasgow blog, this video beautifully illustrates what Social Media Week 2011 is all about.

Remember, as part of #SMWgla, Be Good Be Social – The Surgery will take place at Big Lottery Scotland, Glasgow, on Wed 21st Sept. Free to charities, social entrepreneurs and community groups you’ll get 30 minutes with one of our surgeons.

Tickets available on the Social Media Week site from 6th Sept onwards or sign up for our updates and we’ll email you once they go live.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg8wbUZox4k?wmode=transparent]

Presented by Alan Bissett www.alanbissett.com; illustrations by Lauren Currie We Are Snook www.wearesnook.com; production and concept by Inner Ear www.innerear.co.uk and twintangibles www.twintangibles.co.uk in collaboration with New Media Corp www.newmediacorp.co.uk
Video shot at SocietyM – CitizenM Hotel Glasgow www.citizenm.com
Music by S-Type beats https://www.facebook.com/stypebeats

My presentation for the Glasgow Third Sector Forum launch

For the launch of the new Glasgow Third Sector Forum I gave a presentation on social media myths and misconcpetions, followed by a workshop where participants created the world’s quickest social media strategy. A few attendees have asked for the slides – I’ve embedded these below, along with a few links you might find useful.

If you’ve got any questions about what we covered in the presentation/workshop please drop me an email: ross[@]thirdsectorlab.co.uk


[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”present/embed” query=”id=df54rqrn_100f2mgdjdx” width=”410″ height=”342″ /]














Glasgow-based third sector org? Interested in social media?

Tuesday May 31st, 1pm
GCVS, The Albany Learning and Conference Centre
44 Ashley Street, Glasgow, G3 6DS

The Glasgow Third Sector Forum invites voluntary sector organisations, volunteering organisations and social enterprises to participate in an informative and engaging event that will;

  • Outline the plans of the Glasgow Third Sector Forum for connecting the sector with information and resources
  • Present the opportunities of engaging with cloud computing
  • Discuss the pros and cons of using social media within the Third Sector to engage with existing clients and new customers – “Social media could boost the UK’s social enterprises by an average of  £212,000, according to research carried out by O2 and the RBS SE100 Index”.  Source – Social Enterprise Live

This event has been sponsored by the Glasgow Social Enterprise Partnership (GSEP) and is the first event to be organised by the Glasgow Third Sector Forum. 

The event is free of charge to Glasgow based Third Sector Organisations.   More information can be found in our flyer.

For more information and to book your place click here.
If you have any queries please contact CEiS Events on
0141 425 2923 or e-mail eventmanagement@ceis.org.uk

I’m presenting at the above event next week. I’ll be doing a bit of social media myth-busting and, hopefully, attendees will create the world’s quickest social media strategy.

To book a free place contact CEiS Events on 0141 425 2923 or e-mail eventmanagement@ceis.org.uk

Be human – the first rule of social media for organisations has now been proven


Unless your social media presence is an unashamed RSS feed of your ‘news’ (something pretty much only the BBC, weather forecasters and sports results types get away with) it’s pretty obvious that you should be using a human voice when connecting with people on Twitter, Facebook, your blog and beyond. You wouldn’t turn up at a conference and suddenly become Corp-bot 4000, you would have conversations with people, you would chat about what you do, what your company/charity does and you might even chat about the fact that you build scale replicas of the Ark Royal out of matchsticks in your spare time. Despite this, the norms of face-to-face communication seem to have been thrown out the window when you look at the one-way traffic coming out of lots of organisations’ social media accounts.

While many of us have ranted about this for a while now, Hyojung Park of the University of Missouri has taken a more thorough approach and completed a research study which shows that people respond more positively to a personal human voice than impersonal communication. As outlined by ScienceBlog, University of Missouri researchers presented participants with mock social media channels of large, pre-existing for-profit and non-profit organisations, complete with user comments and direct responses from the organizations’ public relations representatives. Some of the mock social media channels included the name and picture of the organisation representative with their messages, while other social media sites only included an organisational presence on their sites with no names or pictures. The researchers observed that the participants perceived social media channels utilising conversational human voice much more positively than the websites with only an organisational presence online. The researchers also found that for-profit organisations were more likely to be perceived as using a conversational human voice than were the non-profit organizations. 

Park’s study starkly shows that trusting a member of staff, or indeed a volunteer, to both respresent your organisation and be themselves helps promotes trust, satisfaction and commitment in the relationships your organisation builds with its customers or users. This doesn’t mean you should dive in to social media with a happy, clappy, faux-personable tone that makes you sound like you’ve been cloned in the Innocent Smoothies marketing department. Be professional but, ultimately, be yourself.