Facebook timeline for pages means the death of ‘Like to Unlock’ – good riddance

Good Luck!

Those of you using the new Facebook timeline for pages will notice that you can no longer set a custom application as the default landing tab non-fans see. So no more welcome landing pages badgering people to ‘like to unlock’ content. While the aggressive social media marketeers out there may weep it is a victory for user experience and it should mean that truly engaging, interesting content floats to the surface.

According to TechCrunch default landing tabs only drive 10% of the total page app traffic. 90% comes from published links and ads, which still function the same without the default landing tab capability. Theoretically therefore it could only cause a maximum of a 10% drop in page app traffic, much of the way pages use apps will stay the same.

So is the death of the Facebook page default landing tab a good thing for users?

What today’s Facebook changes mean for Pages admins

Be really succinct, we  have a rule that every Facebook post has a question or first line hook, this will become even more important to make sure people engage with us.

Finally, it will also mean – and again this is my theory – that less people will come your actual page wall but engage with you on posts that come up on their newsfeed, which is what happens already but I suspect will increase even further.

Grabbed from @RKtalk’s blog – click the link to read more.

For me these are the two key takeaway points.

10 Facebook guides & blog posts every non-profit should read

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Facebook pages can be seen as a bit of minefield when you’re new to them. However, there are very simple things you can do to make it much easier for your charity or organisation when setting up a presence. Read @Keanearrow’s post to find out more.


What the Research Says About Increasing Facebook Engagement

Beth Kanter on the ball as usual. Great post based upon actual research findings.


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Do we focus too much on Facebook? Tim Davies explores our obsession with the big blue social network.


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Rob Dyson of Whizz-Kidz shares his thoughts on social media metrics.


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Not strictly speaking a non-profit specific post but this is a useful collection of juicy links from Copyblogger which any charity thinking about their Facebook presence will find useful.


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Be Good Be Social videos

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Got any Facebook non-profit resources you’d like to share? Leave a comment or tweet me @thirdsectorlab

Manage all your Facebook Pages from one admin panel

Starting today, you can see information about all the Facebook Pages you manage in one overview page. To get to your overview, click the Pages tab in the left-hand navigation links on your homepage.



The pages on this overview are sorted in descending order by the total number of people who’ve liked each page. For each page you can:

  • View and clear notifications of new activity
  • View the total number of Page Likes
  • View the number of new Page Likes (hover above Total Likes)
  • View the number of Actives (people who have interacted with or viewed your page or its posts)
  • See when your page was last updated
  • Switch to being logged in as your page


To see more insights about an individual Facebook page, select “More” below the Page activity and you will be directed to the full insights view for that Page. Access all the pages you manage within this overview by clicking here.

It seems this hasn’t been rolled out to all users yet. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long.