10 free tools to make your charity more productive

Below are the slides from my GCVS talk highlighting ten free tools which nonprofit professionals can use to make their organisation more productive. 

Most of the tools listed are ‘freemium’, giving you great functionality for nothing and when you want to scale up you pay a small fee for the privilege. Those which are totally free…well if you’re not paying for it; you’re the product

Here’s the 10 tools in no particular order…

1. Mailchimp

2. Wisestamp

3. Doodle

4. Evernote

5. Prezi

6. Hootsuite


8. Eventbrite

9. Kickstarter UK

10. Google (Drive, Docs, Apps, Analytics, Gchat, Gcalendar and Grants)

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Make 2012 the year your charity gets serious about social media #Scotland

Have a butchers at pages 3 & 4. I’ve helped GCVS put together a digital media training programme for 2012, aided by various #BeGoodBeSocial regulars:

  • Writing for the web – Content strategistic, copywriter and keen cyclist Ann Cook will be hosting this workshop exploring blogs, newsletters, content strategy and more.


  • Social media basics – I’ll be hosting this one, you’ll hear from some people making real headway with social media in the Scottish third sector throughout the day.


  • Using Twitter and Facebook for your organisation – I’ll be joined by Martin Keane, Social Media Strategist with Third Sector Lab and digital chap for SCIAF for this one.


  • Measuring your online success – This workshop will be hosted by Conrad Rossouw of Shelter Scotland. He’ll be giving solid practical advice on how you can measure your impact online.


  • Online fundraising – This one will be hosted by Sara Thomas, fundraiser with MND Scotland. She’ll be haring her experiences of using online fundraising tools  within MND Scotland.


  • Video for the web – #BeGoodBeSocial video expert Erin Maguire will take workshop attendees through the process of planning, shooting, editing and uploading a video from scratch.

Booking details are included in the PDF above.