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Handbags at dawn

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Some of you will know that I sit on Scottish Community Foundation’s Grants Committee. As part of my role I’m lucky enough to get to hear about the work carried out by the Women’s Fund for Scotland. Established by the Foundation in 2002, the fund has given away £1M in grants to over 550 community groups, helping to provide life changing skills; opportunities to learn and ways to build the confidence of those overcoming domestic violence, poverty or ill health.

In a round about way my link to the Women’s Fund for Scotland finds me blogging about something I know nothing about…handbags. I know that grown men shouldn’t have their boxers showing over the top of their jeans and nobody should wear white leather loafers. Therein my knowledge of fashion ends. I can however tell you with great glee that you’ll have the chance to bid on some ludicrously exclusive bags at Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh, on 27th September 2010. 

To get involved in the event check out @HandbagHeaven10 or

Here’s the full list of bags up for auction:

Kylie Minogue has donated a Tous tote bag that is black and white and she has signed the inside lining

A unique bag from Coccinelle donated by Annie Lennox

A turquoise expanding clutch bag from Sienna Miller

A cute little denim Fendi bag with snakeskin strap from Sophie Dahl

Dark stemmed tote bag from Orla Kiely

Small chic black Prada bag donated by Lisa Kudrow

A funky tan patent satchel from Ted Baker

Vogue donated a Kate Moss for Longchamp bag its a large zebra pony horse hair bag

A bayswater style large denim bag by Mulberry donated by Petra Ecclestone

Happy bidding!

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  1. WAAAAAAAANNT like all of them!Envy I have it, money I have none.I’m aware of the spiffing work that the Women’s Fund for Scotland does (there are plenty reading materials in the women’s library, I heart it there). Excellent cause is excellent.

  2. We are thrilled with donated bags so far and there will be more to come! Follow @HandbagHeaven10