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5 reasons I’m excited about Social Media for Social Good Glasgow

Scotland’s third sector digital media conference returns to The Albany Learning and Conference centre on 17th May and I’m pretty bloody excited. Here’s why…

1. We’ll get the inside track on how the #EqualMarriage campaign harnessed the power of social media

{Jump to 4.08 to listen to Tom French who will be speaking at our event}

2. Stephen Naysmith, The Herald, will be openly exploring how charities and social entrepreneurs can use social media to effectively connect with ‘traditional’ journalists.

3. We’ll have workshops centred around real-life case studies from the likes of National Trust for Scotland, Young Scot, Scottish Athletics, Youth Football Scotland and Leith Library.

4. It’s a chance to meet other third sector professionals interested in getting the most out of their online presence.

5. Leah Lockhart, The Improvement Service, and Marc Bowker, formerly Quarriers, will be looking at the often overlooked issue of how social media fits within your organisational culture.

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Your charity’s videos are crap. Here’s how you can change that.

Still spending thousands of pounds creating project-focused videos for your charity that end up with 45 views on YouTube? Stop. Now.

If that’s your strategic approach to video it’s a waste of your time and money. It’s a waste of your viewers’ time. The best videos aren’t about projects per se; that’s only of interest to your staff or volunteers. In fact there’s every chance they don’t watch them either. The videos that will truly connect are the ones which people can relate to – you need to start getting better at storytelling. As Annie Escobar puts it: 

“It’s about the why, not the what. Showing, not telling. Feeling, not facts.”

 It’s worth remembering that just because you’re trying to tackle a serious issue your videos don’t always need to be sombre affairs. ‘Follow the Frog’ is a great example of humurous storytelling as a way of encouraging people to make positive change.


Think about the difference your non-profit makes. Those are the stories you want to be telling. Do everyone a favour and ditch the corporate, project-orientated, ‘how we do things’ videos and start really inspiring people.

Social Media for Social Good | Glasgow | 17th May 2013

Tickets are now available for Social Media for Social Good on 17th May 2013 at the Albany Learning and Conference Centre, Glasgow. The full-day conference is jam packed full of inspirational speakers and practical workshops for charities, social enterprises, community groups and other third sector organisations.

Highlights include Tom French speaking about the success of the #EqualMarriage campaign, Stephen Naysmith exploring social media as a tool for getting your stories in the press and workshops on Facebook, workplace culture, engaging young people, social media for sports groups and more.

Full programme PDF and booking form below. For further info email or call 0141 332 2444




End-of-year budget-friendly social media training vouchers

It’s coming to that time of year when budgets need to be spent. Now I’m not for a second suggesting you fritter away your budget on something you don’t need but if 2013 is the year your charity, social enterprise, community group or local authority project needs to get serious about social media then we can help.

Third Sector Lab have worked with a wide range of clients including Oxfam, Voluntary Action Fund, CEiS, Youth Link Scotland, Relationships Scotland, Action in Mind and more.

We can offer wallet-friendly vouchers redeemable for a wide range of services depending on your needs. These can be purchased in the current financial year and used any time within the next 12-months. Up to 15 people can attend our workshops.

Here’s what we can offer:

– Social media basics training workshop.

– Writing for the web training workshop.

– Twitter and Facebook training workshop.

– Google Analytics & SEO training workshop.

– Video for the web training workshop.

– Social media support for your conference or event.

– Website design & development.

– Ongoing social media support.

– Social media strategy & policy development.

Drop us an email – ross{@} – or call 07515162686 to discuss your needs and purchase a voucher this financial year.