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Borrowing and lending eBooks just got easy with Lendle

I’ve literally just stumbled upon Lendle so I’ve no idea how useful it will become but here’s the jist:

  1. Sign up for Lendle
  2. Add the books you own.
  3. Request to borrow from another Lendle user.
  4. Lend books. You earn additional borrow requests by lending titles.

According to the blurb Lendle works with Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android. Here’s the page for Beth Kanter’s latest book on Lendle, I seem to be the only Lendler who owns it right now. I may well need to add Lendle to my top ten Kindle sites.

So…could Lendle become the social glue that binds together Kindle users?


The answer to the question above, outwith the US anyway, is a big fat no:

Does Lendle work with non-u.s. Amazon accounts?

Unfortunately, at this time Amazon only allows book lending for u.s. customers. As such, Lendle does not work with non-u.s. Amazon accounts. We expect Amazon to allow lending elsewhere soon.

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  1. Hi Ross … we’ve been up and running for over a month, now serving 13,000+ Kindle book borrowers and lenders, and we welcome non-USA users. Hope you check us out!