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10 Kindle websites, apps & goodies you can’t live without

If you’re interested in using your Kindle for more than just reading The Da Vinci Code here’s ten websites you should bookmark. If you know of any other gems please add a comment with the linkage.

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1. Kindlefeeder

Rather than paying to read blogs on your Kindle, yes Amazon expect you to pay to read blogs, you can use the rather useful Kindlefeeder. Basically Kindlefeeder takes your favourite RSS feeds, chews them up and spits them out in a Kindle friendly format. There’s a free version which allows up to 12 feeds and a paid version which, for the time being, will even deliver the blog posts to your Kindle wirelessly.


2. Instapaper

If, like me, you bought your Kindle to read long articles on a screen that won’t destroy your eyes then you need to start using Instapaper. As the blurb states, it’s ‘a simple tool to save web pages for reading later’. So, spot an article, hit your ‘read later’ bookmarklet and it’s sent to Instpaper – you can then download Kindle friendly versions of articles with all the ads and other nonsense stripped out.


3. LongForm

Too lazy to seek interesting and long articles yourself? This is where the LongForm comes in to play. Use it with Instapaper for a match made in heaven.


4. LongReads

See above.



Calibre is probably the best ebook management app out there, and it’s free. You can convert docs in to ebook format, sync devices and process RSS feeds just like you can with Kindlefeeder.


6. How to do (almost) everything with a Kindle 3

This Wired article is a great place to start if you’re new to the Kindle.


7. Kinstant

It’s a start page for the experimental browser built in to the Kindle. Simple but effective.


8. Free Kindle Books

An uncluttered collection of free ebooks for your Kindle. There’s some classics in there.


9. FeedBooks

With over 3 million downloads every month FeedBooks is one of the best places to find both paid-for and free ebooks for various devices.


10. RetroRead

It’s great that Google Books provides a million free ebooks but the Kindle doesn’t like the epub format very much. This is where a tool like Calibre comes in to play, allowing you to easily convert these free books in to a Kindle friendly format. For the lazy amongst us there’s RetroRead – they’ll convert the book for you and even deliver it to your Kindle, free of charge. Even better, they have a searchable library of popular Google Books which have already been converted.

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  1. Nice addition to the list, thanks for that. If anyone else has a Kindle or ebook site they’d like to add to the comments feel free.

  2. There’s a great new website for kindle lovers. It converts your kindle clippings into microsoft word, excel and pdf formats.www.clippingsconverter.comIt’s great for making nice readable study notes….enjoy!

  3. Excellent List Ross & I must say, I’m perplexed as to how you got a picture of my favourite and most comfortablechair!! Feel free to check out my new website